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EFT For Muscle Pain, Tension & Knots










Can EFT for muscle pain, tension and knots really help?

Have you got tired achy muscles that seem sore, almost bruised to touch? I found tapping particularly useful to get into the knots of tension in my body that frankly have been worsening for some time!

I have a very old left shoulder pain, which I’ve noted since 1989, and it just is always there, despite long term attempts at stretching, exercise, massage, physio, acupuncture etc.

There was no specific injury as such but since 1989 I have suffered the continuing grumbles to acute pain from the shoulder.

So the ‘woo-woo’ part of me took over and I decided to tap out the pain. Since then I have been able to successfully reduce the tension and no longer suffer the stabbing pains. The great news is that you can do it for yourself on any pain or tension at any time using no specific tools more than your finger-tips!

So Where Do You Start?

The beginning part of the ‘recipe’ is to find the pain. Next you grade it, 1-10, 10 being the severest pain.

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How Do You Do That?

Firstly close your eyes and sense the tension/ pain in your body. Where is it worst? There may well be more than one area that comes to focus, that’s quite normal, just write them down on a sheet of paper.

Start simply with a statement like:

KC “Even though I have this muscle pain in my shoulder, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.

And because I didn’t know what was causing the pain I also to tap on that ‘aspect’

KC “Even though I don’t know why my muscles are painful and sore, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.

This statement alone can trigger the first part of the healing as you ‘let go’ of needing to know an exact physical cause for the pain.

For the last round of the ‘set-up’ statement, describe how the shoulder feels and makes me feel e.g. tight, exhausted, heavy, in knots, tense, hot, cold etc

KC “Even though this shoulder pain makes me feel uptight, tired, tense, exhausted and as though I am constantly in knots, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

Tap on KC, 3 times with each statement and tap the pain away until with each round it takes you down to a 1 then:

KC  “this remaining pain….”

You can see here I looked at the physical feeling and the emotional feelings surfaced here too! You can also tap on the emotional feelings which arise here, but remember to always tap of the aspects to really feel the benefits.

The statements could be something like:

“Even though I am feeling like I am constantly tense at the moment because of my situation….

“Even though I feel like I am in knots…. “Even though I am exhausted with trying to keep happy and positive about my situation,”

“Even though I feel restricted and it’s causing me pain…..”

Gentle reminder

Although it may well appear that muscle pain is purely physical do take some time to explore whether there are emotional elements that are creating the problem, if so the great news is you can also tap them out too…

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